Yashim’s Istanbul – The Movie!

Here’s a little video introduction to Istanbul, which we put together lately.

Click on the link – 


26 responses to “Yashim’s Istanbul – The Movie!

  1. Loredana Perissinotto

    W the Bellinicard’s, W Jason Goodwin che, oltre a Istanbul, dimostra di conoscere molto bene Venezia, che è la mia città! Anche questo libro ha costituito un piacevole viaggio tra memoria storica, fantasia e realtà. Grazie e al prossimo libro con Yashim & Co. !

  2. Massimo Mota

    Ottimo Bellini Card! Ho appena chiuso l’ultima pagina e sono tornato tra le mie mura dopo un’affasciante viaggio nell’800 dove ho goduto ad essere lo spettatore di una avventura che merita di essere letta tutta d’un fiato. Thank you Mr. Goodwin. Come back soon with another Yashim & Palewsky novel.

  3. Jason Goodwin is probably one of the best writers at the moment.
    I have read The Janissary Three in Dutch and Turkish,The snake stone and the Bellini card.Wonderfull and very exciting books,thanks Jason Goodwin.Please keep on writing about The Janissarie’s.I wish you and your family good luck.

  4. Michal

    I MUST simply agree: Jason Goodwin is one the best writers nowadays! And together with John Freely´s guidbooks he allow us to see more plastic this amazing city – Istanbul in it´s crucial periode of time of changes of ottoman´s sultanate. And – oh, yes, Mr. Goodwin: thank you for your books and thank you for the adventure by searching of Kara Davut street in istanbul´s Fener district as well!

  5. Reagan Burch

    Mr. Goodwin,

    Thank you for many hours of pleasure spent in Yashim’s Istanbul. I am the classic avid reader who fondly recalls favorite books but cannot remember details and is too lazy to dig them out. Please help me. Am I dreaming, or did Yashim have an overt sexual experience in one of the novels? I say he did; a fellow admirer says he did not.

    My affection and admiration–for Yashim and your excellent stories–will not be affected either way.

    • thebellinicard

      Yashim had a reasonably overt experience in The Janissary Tree, with the Russian ambassador’s wife – and another, subtler afternoon with Amelie in the Snake Stone. In The Bellini Card it was Palewski who took the male lead. So I think you win and your friend needs to re-read the salient passages…
      Thanks for writing!

  6. Rhys

    Jason, is there any likelihood of your novels being made into films? I always feel while reading them that they would adapt very well.

    • thebellinicard

      Hi Rhys,
      Thanks for that – as it happens, I’ve just signed an option with Red Arrow, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

      • Mary McIlhany

        I do hope so. I agree that your books would make excellent films.
        I just finished all four books, the first begun in literary ignorance while visiting Istanbul. I am riveted by Istanbul: maybe a bit like Palermo with hijabs? Also couldn’t put down the book of your walk from Gdansk to Istanbul.
        Thanks for writing, Jason!

      • Any news on the film version(s) front?

  7. Wendy

    Hi Jason, like the video. I have only just recently found your books and am reading thru them. Am very taken with them and they are my summer reading- two to go. One thing, id love a simple map of old Istanbul with the books. I read the Kindle versions using my iPad so i can access a map as i read. Still one with each book would be preferable.

    • thebellinicard

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the books – hope the sun shines, too! As for maps, yes.
      Write to the publishers – faber/FSG.
      It’s all I can suggest!

  8. Andrew Novak


    I want to thank you for your Yashim books. I love Istanbul and I am a great lover of Ottoman history. It is hard (impossible?) to find good novels based on either. I hope that there will be many more coming in the future.

  9. hi Jason i have read all the Yashim books and as i have visited Istanbul i can relive my trips through your books !!! i love the way your characters come to life and hope that their is a fourth book on its way?
    I didn’t rate Hercule Poirot’s films but really want to see Yashim and co bought to life on big screen any chance this is going to happen?
    Tesekur ederim elelerne sahlik olsun Jason.

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  11. Mirella

    where’s the recipe for Imam Byildi ? and other turkish ..delights / goodies ?

    • jasongoodwin

      Fingers crossed – I’m going to be doing a Yashim cookery app soon! It’ll be a gorgeous affair, with all Yashim’s favourite recipes and others from his friends…

  12. Martha Simonsen

    I only see your cookbook in an e version. Can old fashioned book readers get a copy? And are you working on the next Yashim novel? Your readers await!

  13. Anne Daughtry

    So pleased to find this information. The Youtube took me back to Istanbul, my city, in so many ways. I have read all your books, used to teach English and History in Turkey for the American military schools, spoke decent Turkish for a gringo from Los Angeles. What is the name of the cookbook? I loved the recipe for stuffed baby artichokes, but were the “broad beans” Italian green beans, or Bakla? Keep writing. I am totally engrossed every time I read. Tesekkur Edirim, Anne

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