Order, order

Over the course of the Istanbul series of Yashim novels it’s inevitable that new readers will begin to discover them in random order – which is why, like JK Rowling, I make sure the characters are re-introduced in each book, subtly enough (I hope) that regular readers won’t be bored.

Here is the Yashim hit-list (linked to Amazon.com) in strict order of appearance:

1. The Janissary Tree

2. The Snake Stone

3. The Bellini Card

4. An Evil Eye

A fifth, provisionally entitled The Latin Reader, is currently entertaining me each day… 

Image This is Gentile Bellini’s 1501 Turkish Painter, in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston


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2 responses to “Order, order

  1. After reading “An Evil Eye,” I decided to re-read all the Yashim novels so far, and found them just as fascinating and entertaining the second time around. I also longed to re-read “Lord of the Horizons” but I had lent that to a friend a few years ago and never got it back. I have it on my Amazon shopping cart again, since I’ve found I can’t be without it.
    A chance visit to Istanbul have whetted my appetite to learn more about that city and Ottoman/Turkish history in general. If you can recommend some books, I would be grateful—but please don’t interrupt work on the new Yashim story. Am eagerly looking forward to it.

    Many many thanks for your wonderful books.

    • jasongoodwin

      Thank you for your wonderful message – I’m relieved the stories worked properly second time round! As for books, I’d recommend Norman Stone’s Turkey: A Short History ; anything by John Freely that seems to cover the right ground; Philip Mansel’s Constantinople, City of the World’s Desire; for the earlier Byzantine period, I’d suggest John Julius Norwich’s Byzantium. There are loads more. If I think of other ones I’ll let you know. best wishes Jason

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