The Essay Radio 3

Here’s a link to Radio 3’s Istanbul essay series – this is mine!

And since the BBC have taken it down, you can download it here:



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4 responses to “The Essay Radio 3

  1. Most enjoyable, if hunger-inducing, Jason. I am taken with the inventories that told where the foodstuffs came from for the Topkapi. How did they transport the fish live in those days – the logistics of that!
    More like this please.

  2. I am so disappointed, but I can no longer access the episode. Would you know of any other way I could hear it?

    Thanks so much,

    • thebellinicard

      I’m afraid they take the audio down after a week, more’s the pity.
      BUT I do have it on disc so if my skills allow I’ll try to upload it here for you.
      Thanks for writing

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