The Page 69 Test

I’ve posted my thoughts about Page 69 – supposedly representative of the novel as a whole, according to a theory, if it is one, proposed by Marshall McLuhan – on this site. It’s run by an engaging fellow called Marshal, too. Marshal Zeringue.



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4 responses to “The Page 69 Test

  1. Jack Ogden

    Truth if not necessarily stranger than fiction, can often inspire it. Just wonder if you knew that Mohammed Ali (Egypt) presented Mehmet II with a diamond that had hitherto been the largest diamond in England and sold at Christies in 1802 – possibly it was gifted to help excuse MA from helping M2 against the independence-seeking Greeks. The diamond, all 40 carats odd, then disappeared from history. Must be a story there! I’ve dug up the early history of the diamond (my field – happy to pass on the info), but just though that Yashim might be interested in what happened to it once it reached Constantinople. (Apologies for contacting you this way, but I could find no other)

    • thebellinicard

      Apologies for talking so long to reply. Given that the diamond wasn’t merely folded into the Ottoman crown jewels – which you say didn’t happen – where on earth did it go next?
      Did the valide merely add it all too casually to her own batterie de guerre? Or a feisty odalisque secrete it between her toes one night? Hmm. You’re right, thanks, I think I might work on that…

      • Jack Ogden

        I’ve written a couple of articles about the history of this diamond (published in ‘Gems and Jewellery’), happy to email pdfs if you can give an email address (promise won’t keep or publicize!).

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